I think we're good.
"Whatever happens, I really, really from the bottom of my heart, hate you so much."  
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The 100th Episode is going to be EPIC!

And this pic is so perfect with the hands of the whole team enclosed between the hands of Steve and Danny <3


What if… Steve didn’t have a spare pair of clothes at work when he needed some so instead had to borrow one of Danny’s shirts. He kept surreptitiously sniffing at it throughout the rest of the day and Danny had noticed. Finally, in front of everyone, he just has to ask Steve why he keeps doing it…

          i   h a d   t o   make sure you were okay

Awwwwww Danny said I love you…again. And Steve just can’t see his partner sad.
I like how after the whole North Korea incident, neither of them don’t lets the other go alone anywhere
between mcdanno, who gets jealous easily, and is always over protective ? why?


Oh ya see I think they both play a part in this. Danno is totally the jealous one, Not only because of the way others look at his super seal but also of when Steve sees his friends from in the service and they talk in their own language (we have already seen this)
It is in a way because of all this Steve feels the need to reassure Danno that he is the only one for him and he becomes very protective if anyone trys to talk down to the Jersey cop.
Also heaven forbid if anyone tries to hurt either of them as the other will go through hell to get their man back! Lol