I love you, buddy.
"I hate him, I hate him so much"
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Bradley Cooper — Hawaii Five-0 season 4 gag reel

Alex and Scott bloopers season 4

Season 4 Bloopers


Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach 2014  

Source : CBS


Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach (2014)

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 ‘Hawaii Five-0′ 100th Episode Celebration

From : Honolulu Pulse

Color Correction : AOYUDUKI


Mcdanno everyone… If you don’t love them after this well what is the matter with you?!?


An other of those times when Danny lost 10 years of his life thanks to Steve scaring him to death… ;)

Look at the second gif… I mean, Danny is actually *speechless* for several seconds once he finds out is is not splattered on the floor down there, the relief is so huge he can’t find words anymore… WOW! Wordless!Danny something only Steve can create and just for a few seconds… Almost something like antimatter ;D

I love all the scene where Steve throws himself down something and Danny is scared to watch down and see what happened :-}

Take a look at my vid ‘One of a kind' from min 1.47 if you need a brush up on it ;)


love the look between them